Trying a psychedelic or similar drug, but scared of what will happen? Unsure of what dose to take? Ask away! This is a harm reduction blog.

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Food and shroom girl again. Sorry I should have been more clear I don't really want actual food. Like no sammy or salad. And I don't want to buy hella caps lol-.-

Then something chocolate like M&Ms is probably your best bet. Or maybe a very strong-tasting candy. I’ve heard mixing your shroomies into applesauce helps to mask the taste as well. 

so awhile back i candyflipped (amazing) first day of an event, and then the second day i had these CRAZY lower back pains. like it was so tight and hurt so bad that i could barely stand/dance even though i really wanted to T_T is there any explanation for this???

LSD is vasoconstrictive and can cause muscle tension. I remember one time as I was coming down and trying to sleep, I got the worst leg cramp of my life. My entire leg seized up and it was just pure pain for 10-15 minutes. 

Whats your favourite clubbing drug? Or what would you recommend that could last the whole night 6-7 hours?

4-FA, maybe. Or 6-APB, which has the duration that you’re looking for. 

Reeeeeally wanting to try dxm. Have two bottles worth of the red jelly robitussin pills in my cabinet, should I go for it?

As long as DXM is the only active ingredient, you’re ready for takeoff. Don’t forget to use the DXM dosage calculator to find the right amount for you!

Should I do DMT at Farmfest?

If you feel comfortable at your campsite, I say go for it. I wouldn’t do it inside the concert venue, though. 

1) Putting them on a sandwich masks their taste pretty efficiently. You could also try crushing them up and putting the powder in gel caps… you won’t have to taste it at all then! Good luck!

2) If you throw up from shrooms, it’s usually a sign that they’re working.

hey is 6-apb anon here, just sayin thanks owo

You’re very welcome!

Droppin acid for the first tiime Thursday... Tips or advice? Anything

(cont’d) “What if it is bad acid or turns out to be n-bomE or is like not acid and is nothing?”

Check out my first time tripping tag for lots of advice!
If it’s an NBOMe, you will trip but it won’t be the same as having LSD. And as long as you’re only taking one tab it is very unlikely to be a health risk. 
If it’s bunk, then you won’t feel any effects.

Have fun :’) 

is it a good idea to take a tab of lsd AND a tab of 25i at the same time? I want to trip hard, but only have one tab of each drug. I have taken them both separately on different occasions, but I'm wondering if I could mix them and take my trip to the next level

I was contemplating the same thing recently. I decided on choosing one or the other, because in my opinion 25I would dirty the beautiful, perfect experience of LSD. But hey, if you’re okay with that, go for it.
Maybe there’s some trip reports out there on the combo that you can read.

zzzquil and nyquil are two different things. zzzquill lists diphenhyrdadramine as its only active ingredient. as long as i can make it past all the drowsiness i get a nice drunken buzz from a relatively low dose.

Oh, I thought by Zzzquil you meant Nyquil… my apologies. DPH is a deliriant, which I guess at low doses can have effects that are reminiscent of alcohol. 

1) Yes, it’s definitely possible. Sunglasses are so necessary! 

2) You don’t have to worry. Visual disturbances primarily come from psychedelic use (especially abuse).

How do i submit a picture?

heyo, so my boyfriend was telling me about this stuff he tried called 6 аbр and i have never heard of it and i couldnt find anything from a quick search

I think he meant 6-APB. It’s an empathogen that is very similar to MDMA and MDA. You can read all about it here

Ok cool. I feel kinda relieved to be honest I hope your right about this. Im still going to take a break. Im going to take my chances in couple months and will drop 125ug lsd. If my floaters get worst then my psychedelic usage will come to an end....

(cont’d) “If my floaters remain the same then I guess it was just a coincidence that I Started seeing floaters. I guess I can live with it (dont have a choice do I? lol) Thank You so much for your support, you really are a great person. You are the queen of psychedelics. Your on the same level (if not greater) has Krystle Cole. Thanka For the reassurance. I’ll keep you posted down the road. Take care and god bless *hugs*”

Yes, I think taking a break is a good idea. Good luck! And thank you for the love <3 I don’t know if I can/should be compared to Krystle Cole, but I appreciate it none the less. 

That one day should be for Beyond Wonderland just sayin!

I’ll think about it, sweet anon!