Trying a psychedelic or similar drug, but scared of what will happen? Unsure of what dose to take? Ask away! This is a harm reduction blog.

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What's bicycle day?

Bicycle Day celebrates the first time LSD was intentionally taken by the man who synthesized it, Albert Hoffman. He dosed and then rode his bike home.

"hurtful" Ok you need to relax anon and stop being a sensitive jackass.

Whoa whoa, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath. From a bong.  

I heard about a girl that took lsd everyday and tripped for a year, is this actually possible?

You would have to take huge doses after the first week alone. Tolerance is a real thing, people. 

tripping has really opened my eyes and changed things for the better. I love it so so much and really believe in the good psychedelics can bring but sometimes I get really self conscious on them (esp at concerts/raves). What are some things that might help me get over this? I want to fully enjoy the experience but I get in my own way sometimes! Also, can doing psychedelics change your highs (weed) and drunkness? Ever since I started tripping I've noticed a change in them Thank you!!

If you smoke weed while tripping, try not smoking. Weed usually causes undue anxiety — I have seen someone go from having a really euphoric, energized trip to sitting silently and anxiously after smoking a bowl. 
It may also help to create a mantra for yourself, that you can repeat to calm yourself in times of stress. 
Other than that, maybe you should examine why it is you get self-conscious. Addressing the problem and letting it wash over you are the first steps to overcoming it entirely. 

And yes, tripping can change your weed high. I’ve never noticed my drunktimes being affected by psychedelic use, but it’s not out of the question. 

Good luck in your future voyages! 

I think that your comment about HPPD being caused by abusing psychedelics was hurtful. You provide so much accurate information and I know you mean well. However I developed HPPD after 7 well intentioned and properly spaced trips. Granted I initially dismissed my symptoms as typical visual disturbances and continued to explore my inner self with psychedelics which unsurprisingly made things worse. I know I am not the only one to have developed it in such a way. Thank you.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Usually I qualify my answers with ‘most people’ or ‘usually’, and I should have done the same in this case. But HPPD usually is a result of abuse, not regular use. However some people are more sensitive to aftereffects, such as yourself. 

Is it possible to get hooked on LSD?

You can be mentally addicted to anything. 

If you’ve never watched Off The Air, then you’re missing out on quality television.

Do you know anything about "permatrips?" Such as what can cause them, intensity, how long they last, are they constant, etc.

No such thing. I think what you’re looking for is HPPD, which is caused by abusing psychedelics. 

What exactly is 4-aco-DMT? I keep trying to look it up and seeming to get little help. Is it rare for someone to buy? How is it made? How much does it typically cost?

It’s a close analog of shrooms. 4-AcO-DMT is also known as Psilacetin, and the main psychoactive ingredient in shrooms is Psilocybin. 
I’ve never come across people selling it IRL, but it’s fairly easy to find online. It’s synthesized like any other chemical. And you can get it from vendors for anywhere from $130-200/g. 

hey i was looking at buying 'fly agaric mushrooms' online and i was wondering, are these literally just normal shrooms? like they will make me trip yeah? and also how much should i take

Fly Agaric (aka Amanita Muscaria) shrooms are NOT your typical magic mushroom. They are lethally poisonous if you eat too many.
Also, instead of psilocybin, they contain muscimol and ibotenic acid. The trip is more deliriant than psychedelic, and most people do not enjoy the effects of deliriants. 
That being said, the average dose is around 4-5g. If you choose to take them, please please be careful. 

Best method for taking 4-aco-DMT? Was considering purchasing some fumarate online and wanted your opinion on it. I've heard gel caps are a thing but I've never done anything like that before and it sounds like a terrible pain to get it into the caps. Thoughts?

Oral is the only route I’ve used, although it can be snorted.

Before I bought gel caps, I would weigh out the powder and put each dose into a drink such as iced tea. But this takes longer unless you chug down the whole thing. 
Gel caps are easier to use than you think. Weigh out the amount you want, and then put the dose in a folded index card or post-it note. Slowly tip the folded paper until all the powder is in the gel cap. And you’re good to go!

Have you tried 2C-B? And what are your thoughts on the compound. I have only limited experience with the basics, pot, mushrooms, and LSD. I would like to try something new and the short duration is appealing. And the Shulgins loved it, so it must be good right!

Check out my 2C-B tag, I’ve answered this and similar questions many times.

what should i do first so i can maybe later experience the DMT trip , i heard people talking about that you should be prepared for the most intense psychedelic trip but how ?

Any other psychedelic is a good idea to start with before DMT, so you have an idea of what tripping is like before trying to blast off into hyperspace.

So I'm on probation but I really feel like a good trip would be beneficial to my mental health. What could I get that wouldn't show up on a drug test?

Most psychedelics are out of your system in a day or two. 

1) General vitamin supplements will help. Some people also post-load with nootropics. 

2) Not much you can do to help them heal faster, but next time you roll try taking magnesium. It helps many people reduce unwanted jaw movement.